We deliver highly targeted and brand safe premium traffic worldwide.

Ad buying

Ad or media buying is defined as the procedure of buying display advertising at optimal placement and price. As a buyer with long time experience in this market, ForTheWin has a wide range of networks and partners delivering traffic to our adservers at an affordable price.

Our main goal is to buy traffic at the lowest possible price without compromising our very high quality standards. Our partners include worldwide operating ad networks, major media and news publishers and niche-based SEO sites.

Our offers vary from highly targeted niche traffic, retargeting, country-targeted traffic and international blind traffic. If you're interested in our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Did you know about: Real time bidding?

Real time bidding (RTB) is the latest technology for selling and, in our case, buying targeted display advertising in real time. Instead of displaying ads from just one or a few premium advertisers on the publisher's site, the server fires a request to the RTB exchange network including demographic data about the user from cookies and other sources. Advertising customers of the RTB exchange have a set of targeting criteria on which their highest bid for a single impression depends. Hence the exchange server sells the impression to the highest bidder for this specific type of user.

ForTheWin buys RTB traffic from various markets using sophisticated targeting algorithms allowing us to deliver quality traffic for almost every niche in many countries.